Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and rely on horses, who trust in chariots because they are many and in horsemen because they are very strong, but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or consult the Lord! Isaiah 31:1 In a world full of distrust, it seems like the biggest issue of all is “Who can you trust?” If you can’t trust in anyone or anything, this world can be a pretty dismal, even dangerous, place. But, as important as that question is, there is an even bigger, more important, question. You see, it is not just about trust; it is, “In Whom can you and I put our hope?”
In this life, for this life, and for life forever, it’s not just about trust, namely, “Can I trust that this person will do what he or she says, etc.?”
The question that God puts before us is “In Whom are you going to place your hope, even your dreams?” Hope implies trust.
But, even more, hope implies that the person can really do what he or she says they can do. For that, God says, “Trust Me, trust in My Word, hope in Me!” In our political season, the greatest temptation is to place our hope in the things of this world, as if we or our leaders politically can solve the big problems in life: sin, death, evil, temptation, hatred, malice, vindictiveness, pride, arrogance. This list goes on and on too. And for these issues to be solved, overcome, or even endured, they must be brought not to the floor of the House or Senate, but to the foot of the cross of the Holy One of Israel. Jesus, who lived our life, yet died our death, offers us His eternal life as a gift.
That’s not just a “Can you trust Him?” question; that’s a “You can put your hope in Him” proclamation — one that changes your life forever. If you are troubled by all the proposals and solutions that politicians are making to supposedly solve whatever is going on in the world, Isaiah reminds us that the temptation is as old as time. Then, and now, the only hope we have in this world is in the God who created us, who redeemed us, and who promises to give to us and all who believe, abundant life and salvation, now and forever! Trust that. Even more, put your hope in that as you go about your day today. It’s the one thing you can always count on.
Do exercise your right to vote. More importantly, continue to offer your prayers to the One who is our hope and our salvation.
Pastor Mark