Print this self-study at home and bring it back to church after you have completed it. This study should be completed by everyone in your home that is at least 12 years old. If you are unable to print the form out, there are hard copies at the office that you can obtain. Your responses are VERY IMPORTANT! All voices will be heard. Thank You.


Bethany Management Team


CARPET INSTALLATION:. The installation was completed on Wednesday, August 30. The five rooms that are newly carpeted are: Cry Room, Back Foyer , Old Ball Room, Sacristy and Sanctuary. Harry Street Carpet did a great job. We thank God for those individuals who contributed to the fund and those families who donated memorials to reach our goal.
PROJECTOR UPGRADE: We upgraded our original projector which was moved to the west side of the sanctuary. We now have the entire sanctuary covered with readable powerpoint.


July Voters Meeting:
For those members who were not able to attend the voter's meeting last Sunday, both items up for vote passed. 81 registered voter's in attendance. Deacon Mike Parmenter will officially serve as Bethany's vacancy pastor as of August 1. He will be called to serve as Pastor in some capacity.  He will also be called to serve as a pastor in sone capacity as soon as he meets the SMP requirements.